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MK-76 Mini GPS Active Antenna with Low Noise Amplifier


  • $34.98

MK-76 is the most compact GPS antenna available on the current market. Its state-of-the-art technology allows for miniature. With good coverage almost all the way to the horizon, it performs excellently in foliage or urban canyon environment-even in the presence of electromagnetic interference! 

Application Diagram


  • Diminutive & rugged construction allows for military and other applications demanding high degree of confidentiality.
  • Ultra-high sensitivity.
  • Module board available for embedded applications.
  • Various colors upon request.
  • Ideal for PDA, HPC, and other computing devices in GPS applications.
  • Fully weatherproof.
  • Excellent temperature stability.


For GPS system developers, we recommend to order and test few samples first before placing a quantity order. The listed price is the sample price.

All customized items are not returnable for refund if the products function as the specifications.

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