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How to Order

Attention: All prices of this store are set up in US Dollar!

Mobile GPS Online Store accepts online orders or approved purchase orders, and orders by email or phone. If you can order online, it is strongly recommended because online order processing is easier, more accurate and faster for both of us. You can also track your order status online. We don't offer online status track for orders placed by email or phone.

Online Orders

You can order online anytime 24/7 using our SSL secure server and shopping cart. To shop online, add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart as you browse through the website. When you are finished shopping, begin the checkout process by clicking on checkout button. You will be guided through the 3 step checkout process where you will: 1) Sign in or create a new account by entering your contact information etc., 2) enter your billing, shipping and payment information, and 3) review your order and submit it.

Order by Email

If you are not convenient to order online or you can pay only by wire transfer, please email us what you need at: We will email you back a proforma invoice for your confirmation and wire transfer. Once your order is confirmed and paid off, we will process your order as soon as possible.

Order by Phone

You can order by phone at 1-613-8230926 between the hours of 8AM to 5PM Eastern Time. We will be pleased to take your order and advise on current product pricing, stock availability, and shipping times. All orders placed by phone are governed by the same terms and conditions as the website terms and conditions. Orders placed by phone are not eligible for online coupons, promotional codes, or any free shipping offers when applicable. Please order online if you wish to take advantage of any coupon or promotional offers.

Purchase Order

We also accept Purchase Orders from educational institutions, corporations and government agencies. New corporate net 30 accounts may be required to complete a credit application.

Order Changes or Cancellations By Phone

To change or cancel your order by phone, have your order number ready and call our Customer Service department at 1-613-8230926. If the order has not yet been processed, we will happily modify or cancel your order accordingly. Once an order is processed, however, it moves immediately to one of our warehouses for fulfillment and we can no longer change it. If we are not able to cancel the order because it has been processed, you are welcome to return your unwanted items to us after you receive them consistent with our non-defective return policy

Order Changes or Cancellations By Email

While we accept changes or cancellations via email, we do not guarantee that we will be able to act on your email in a timely manner because of the large volume of incoming email we receive each day. We highly recommend contacting us by phone (see above) for any changes or cancellations to your order. We process our incoming emails within 24 to 48 hours of receipt (not including weekends or holidays). If your order has not yet been processed at the time we act on your email, we will modify or cancel your order in accordance with your instructions. If we are not able to cancel the order because it has been processed, you are welcome to return your unwanted items to us after you receive them consistent with our non-defective return policy.

Additional Order Information

Stock Status

The stock status information presented on our site is the best, most current information we have, but errors do occur, and this information does not constitute a guarantee or promise of availability. If a product you have ordered is not available for shipment, we will do our best to let you know. Anticipated delivery dates are dependent upon our suppliers and other factors beyond our control, and are subject to change.

Please let us know if you have an important deadline that you must receive the order by.

Order Cut-Off Time

Orders for in-stock items received by 3:00PM Eastern Time that are credit-approved usually ship that business day, depending on that day's level of shipping activity and the schedule of the courier when picking up items from our warehouse. Orders placed and/or credit approved later than the applicable cut-off time will ship the next business day.

For orders for items that are out-of-stock, or have gone out of stock due do that day's sales level activity, we will accept that order and attempt to fulfill your order in a timely manner, unless you notify us to cancel the order. We encourage you to check your order's status on the Order Status page for an estimated ship date.

Orders placed and credit approved anytime Saturday or Sunday or holidays for items in stock will ship on the next business day. Please note that we do not ship on Saturday, Sunday or major holidays. Product availability, geographic location and other factors determine the warehouse location that your product ships from. This information does not constitute a guarantee.

We have set our prices at rates that are comparable to most of our on-line competitors. We hope that our informative website, competitive prices and product availability will encourage you to use our site often.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Though we attempt to maintain current and accurate prices and product information on our website, there may be errors found on some pages. If there is an incorrect price due to technical, or typographic error, Mobile GPS Online reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for the product listed at the incorrect price.

If we find that you have ordered a product at an incorrect price that is lower than the correct price, we will attempt to contact you to authorize an order for the correct amount. If your order is at a higher price than the correct price, we will ship the items to you at the correct price.

Sales Tax

We are required by law to collect GST (or HST as applicable) on all shipments within Canada and HST on all shipments to the province of Ontario unless the purchaser is tax exempt.

We won't charge VAT or sales tax for all shipments to customers outside Canada. But you may be charged VAT, custom duties and other taxes and fees at the time of receiving your order. The VAT, custom duties rates and other taxes and fees vary from country to country and are out of our control.


We accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards, Debit cards (check cards, bank cards, or ATM cards) displaying a MasterCard or Visa logo on the front, and Wire Transfers. We do NOT accept checks or money orders, except for pre-approved purchase order accounts. Net 30 is accepted only for approved purchase orders from corporations,government, and educational institutions within Canada and USA.

Credit Card Payments through PayPal
All online orders can be paid by credit cards through our authorized online payment processor PayPal. It is safe, secure, convenient and no extra cost to you. PayPal accepts different credit card payments from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and most European countries. Online orders paid through PayPal, especially with a confirmed shipping address, possess the quickest processing speed.

Direct Credit Card Payments
We accept direct credit card payment only for domectic orders and pre-approved orders from USA. When we process your order, we verify the billing address information provided with your order with the address information on your credit card. This information must match or your order will be delayed. To avoid delays in processing your order, please be sure to provide your exact billing address and home telephone number when requested.

What if my shipping address is different than my billing address?
If you want to ship to a different address than your billing address, we may contact you to add the additional address to your credit card company. This helps protect both you and us from potential fraudulent use of your card. To add the alternate address to your credit card, simply call the 1-800 number on the reverse of your card and ask the customer service rep to add the additional address to the notes on your account. Doing this prior to placing your order will help us expedite your order in a timely manner

When is my credit card charged?
Credit card orders are billed to the credit card only when the order is shipped. Similarly, pending orders and backorders are not billed until actual shipment occurs as well.

Wire Transfer
You may, at your option, arrange to pay for your order by wire transfer. PayPal may not accept credit cards from certain international locations now. In this case you cannot order online and then a fax or email order by wire transfer is required. Please contact us to place your order if you meet the case.

Payment Currency
We accept payments in CAD, USD and EURO for online orders paid through PayPal. For phone and email orders paid by credit cards, we can only charge USD price to your credit cards. We accept wire transfer payments in US$ and CAD.