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Adaptor Cables (different connector options)

Adaptor Cables (different connector options)

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RF antenna adaptor cable is usually used to convert your current antenna connector type to another connector type. So, you can use the antenna for a different receiver that uses a different connector to external antennas. The adaptor cable can also be used to extend the cable length of your current antenna.

We can make different RF antenna adaptor cable according to your specification. For your customization, you just need to specify two connector types and the cable length. Please keep in mind, one of the two connectors is to be attached to your antenna. Another connector is to be attached to your receiver. They should be the reversed male or female connector of the connectors to be attached. For example, your antenna has a SMA male connector, to match it, you should select a SMA female connector. If you receiver has a BNC female connector, you should select a BNC male connector to match it.

The default cable length is 10 cm or 4". If you need the adaptor cable to extend the cable length, you need to check how long the connection cable of your antenna can be extended. The longer the cable, the weaker is the signal because of signal loss after cable transmission.