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GPS/GNSS Repeater

GPS/GNSS (Galileo, Glonass and BeiDou) Repeaters (also known as GPS/GNSS re-radiators or GPS/GNSS re-transmitters) are used to bring GPS/GNSS satellite signals from outdoors to indoors. They offer three typical solutions:

  • For GPS/GNSS product and system developers, re-radiating GPS/GNSS signal indoor is important to improves their operation efficiency and lower the test costs during the product development and production by moving their product tests from field or outdoor to indoor labs.
  • For emergency services and other time critical services, GPS/GNSS signal repeating indoors to keep the parked device's positioning function running all time is essential and critical for operators to take quick service action by avoiding the so-called cold start time delay issue of GPS/GNSS navigation and positioning equipment.
  • For general GPS/GNSS navigation users, a GPS/GNSS repeater can bring GPS/GNSS satellite signal from outside to inside of a vehicle. This improves GPS/GNSS signal reception and system performance significantly.

Mobile GPS Online is an authorized distributor of GPS/GNSS repeaters and re-transmitters from the leading manufacturers. We sells several different types of GPS/GNSS re-radiating kits to meet your specific GPS/GNSS rebroadcasting needs. The kits come with all you need. A key factor that determines the cost is the signal re-radiating range you really need. Our re-radiator kits cover the re-radiating range from 1 to 30 meters.

Please note: In some countries, a license to install and run a GPS/GNSS repeater is required by government. You may need to get a license from your local government before your purchase.