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GPS/GNSS Antenna

GPS/GNSS antennas are mainly used to receive and transmit GPS/GNSS signals. They are widely used in navigating and positioning equipment, vehicles and handsets. We can offer various antennas and attachments, such as active antennas, passive antennas, cables, connectors, and so on. Cooperated closely with our manufacturers, Mobile GPS Online has developed various kinds of GPS/GNSS antennas. Different LNA solutions, housings and mounting options are provided to meet your requirements on antenna appearance and mounting.

How to Choose Your Right Antenna

  1. Choose your antenna type (passive or active) and the connector type according to your GPS/GNSS device's specs and requirements. An active antenna has a signal amplifier inside the antenna and needs a power supply from the receiver through the connection cable. A passive antenna has no signal amplifier and no need for power supply. For active antennas, you need to determine the power voltages available from your receiver.
  2. Choose your proper mounting method and cable length according to your installing locations.
  3. Consider special options and features you need, such as water proof, salt spray prevention, UV resistance, etc.
  4. The antenna cannot be covered by metal plate in direction for receiving signals.