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GPS/GNSS High Precision Antenna

Different from the small mobile GPS/GNSS antennas for mobile navigation and tracking devices, Multi-GNSS high Precision Antennas are used for surveying and mapping applications in industries like geodesy, road construction, marine surveying, precision agriculture, container terminal operations, etc. which require high-accuracy positioning with the support of multiple GNSS systems like GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou etc. These GNSS active antenna features high gain, excellent low elevation gain, circular polarization, stable phase center, ready for more advanced high precision positioning techniques such as RTK and DGPS etc. 

Cooperated with leading manufacturers of GPS/GNSS antennas, Mobile GPS Online offers high quality Multi-GNSS High Precision Antennas at very cost-effective prices. The competitive technical characteristics of our GNSS high precision antennas include:
1. Multi feed point design that ensures the superposition of phase center and geometrical center which could minimize the influence of measurement error to lowest range.
2. High gain and wide beam radiation patterns that allow strong signal acquisition, even in some seriously-sheltered places.
3. Waterproof and UV-proof radome that ensures a long service life for field work.