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GNSS-3000 GNSS Signal Repeater Kit


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GNSS-3000 GNSS Signal Repeater is designed to receive outdoor GNSS satellite signals and then re-radiate them into indoor workplace or covered space where the satellite signals cannot reach directly for testing GNSS products indoor to lower the outdoor test costs, or keeping a GNSS device’s positioning function running all time to avoid the so-called cold start time delay issue for quick emergency action services.

Different from the GNSS-101 and GNSS-1000, GNSS-3000 is a four point GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/BD) repeater. It can send received GNSS signal to four transmitting antennas to cover large indoor area or more rooms or buildings. GNSS-3000 offers adjustable test signals to the different four indoor test areas too.


  • Compact size/low cost/high performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to install and operate
  • High signal stability and strong anti-interference
  • Re-transmitting range > 10m
  • Optional to add GLONNAS and BD signals


GNSS-1000 is ideal indoor GNSS (GPS/BD/GLONASS) signal coverage solutions for

  • Aviation Maintenance Hangars
  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • GNSS Labs
  • GNSS Workshops
  • GNSS Retail Stores
  • GNSS Production Line
  • GNSS mobile phone production line
  • GNSS Repair Service
  • GNSS Signal Reception in Underground Garage such as Tunnels and Mines etc.



  1. Locate and mount the outdoor (receiving) antenna on the roof of building horizontally with the best visibility of the sky, head up, vertical to the ground.
  2. Fix the outdoor connection cable RG8 along the out wall. Connect one terminator to outdoor antenna and another terminator to the lightning protector. The cable length is customizable from 10m to 100m. In some special environment, you may select PE or PVC plastic pipe to protect the cable assembly.
  3. Place the GNSS-3000 at a safe place and connect the lightning protector to the GNSS-3000 signal repeater.
  4. Connect the ground wire of the lightning protector to the ground.
  5. Fix the indoor cables 3DFB along the ceiling of the operation room(s) and mount the four transmitting antennas on the ceiling or crossbeam above the centers of the testing benches or workplaces.
  6. Connect the four indoor (transmitting) antennas to the GNSS-3000 signal repeater with the 3DFB cables. For a better performance, keep the indoor cables shorter than 10m. If you need a longer indoor cable, a signal amplifier is recommended to extend the cable.
  7. Power on the GNSS-3000 signal repeater by plugging the AC (115V ~ 240V) to DC 12V adapter. The system is ready for work.


  1. A dummy load of 50 Ω should be added if an output port is spare (not used) to keep the signal stability of the other output ports.
  2. The inside transmitting antenna has to be located/mounted inside the building with adequate isolation from the outdoor (outside) antenna to avoid interference. 

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