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AW-9 Active GPS + LTE + WiFi Combination Antenna


  • $39.98

AW-9 is a combination antenna that covers a wide frequency range antenna and supports 2G,3G,4G& WiFi applications.


  • Low profile structure without a whip
  • Screw through hole mount
  • Support2G,3G,4G& GPS application bands
  • Support Wi-Fi application(2.4G&5G)


Category GPS Antenna LTE Main Antenna WLAN Antenna
Frequency 1.57542GHz (L1 BAND) 704~960MHz; 1710~2690MHz 2400~2500MHz; 5100~5850MHz
Gain 27dB 6.1dBi @ 704~960MHZ 5.47dBi @ 1710~2690MHz, with 3m RG-58 cable 3.9dBi @ 2400~2500MHz 3.3dbi @ 5100~5850MHz,  with 1m RG-58 cable
V.S.W.R < 1.8. <2.4 <1.7
Noise Figure 2.0 Max -
Band Width 2 MHz 256MHz: 704MHZ~960MHz 980MHz: 1710MHz~2690MHz 100MHz: 2400~2500MHz 750MHz: 5100~5850MHz
Impedance 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
Cable/Connector 3 Meter- RG174 / SMA RG-174 or RG-58, SMA(SP) or other standard connectors
Polarization R.H.C.P Linear, Vertical
Power supply 3.0 ~ 5.5V DC -
Power Consumption 12mA -
Power Handling Capacity - 10W
Operation Temperature -40oC to +80oC
Storage Temperature -45oC to +100oC

This specification is subject to change without prior notice.

Please email us the connector types, cable length and color (black por white) you need after you placed an order. The default connector types, cable length and color are SMA straight male, 5 meters and black respectively for all GPS, GSM and WiFi.

    For system developers, we recommend to order and test few samples first before placing a quantity order. The listed price is the sample price.

    All customized items are not returnable for refund if the products function as the specifications.

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