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Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal booster or repeater is designed to solve cell phone signal blind. As the cell phone signal is transmitted by electromagnetic waves,  it may not arrive well inside some high-rise buildings, basement, shopping malls, underground parking lots, apartment complexes, hospitals, large nuclear power plants, industrial warehouses, subway stations and many other places due to the barrier of the building. In such so-called blind areas, mobile phones and wireless communication devices may not work well because of the blocked signal. Cell phone signal booster or repeaters are used to solve such problems.

Mobile GPS Online is an authorized distributor of cell phone signal boosters or repeaters from the leading manufacturers. We sell several different types of cell phone signal boosters to meet different customers' needs. The booster packages come with all you need. A key factor that determines the cost is the signal frequency bands and  signal coverage you really need. 

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