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GW-60 GPS Watch, Speed Device and Data Logger for Surfing, Skiing and Hiking Sports


  • $199.98

GW-60, a robust, highly-refined and wearable GPS for surfing sports, is the natural heir to the LOCOSYS' Surfing GPS series (GT-31, GW-31, and GW-52), with a character all of their own. It racks up the data of speed, GPS, and distance to help surfers reach the best status in each session. Simple operation brings users get into the swing of it.

GW-60 is a reliable partner for all high-speeds sports fans"SPEED GENIE" records the change between speed and position, and combines with GPS-Doppler for tracking routes. The ability to record data in DOPPLER format makes it unique in the world. This is the crucial factor that differentiate the use of this GPS for for high-speeds sports like speed-surfing, kite-surfing, ice-sailing, motor & car-racing, karting and many many more! Besides that you can use it like a normal sportwatch as well and track your running, biking, hiking and other sports-activities and last but not least, you can also use it like a normal watch.


  • Top 10 speed smart record
  • Intelligent session speed report
  • 10-seconds average speed display
  • Multi-functional push button operation (improved compared to GW-52)
  • High sensitivity GPS performance
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Time mode (Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch)
  • Google Earth KML/GPX format support
  • Built in flash memory to store 1,000,000 GPS logged points
  • GW-60 is able to support USB mass storage class both Windows and MAC for easy data transfer (improved compared to GW-52)
  • Size               49(?) * 14.5 (H) mm
  • Weight           57 g
    Display          LCM 128X128 FSTN Black/White
    MCU              STM32 Cortex®-M3
    GPS               LOCOSYS GPS
    BLE                Optional
    Battery type   Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 250 mAh
  • Waterproof     50 m/ 5 ATM (improved compared to GW-52)
  • M e m o r y    Flash memory for 1,000,000 GPS points (improved compared to GW-52)
    Language       English
    Connection     USB charging clip
  • Clock             Auto Sync with GPS Time
  • Alarm            Buzzer and Vibration
  • Speed            Data logging rate: 1Hz, 5Hz, or "smart" rate (improved compared to GT-31)

Log record includes: UTC time, position, altitude, Doppler Speed over ground, Doppler vertical speed, satellites used, Standard Deviation of Speed (SDOS) Speed sample resolution: 1 cm/s

SDOS resolution: 1 cm/s

Measured speed range 0-1000 km/h
Typical accuracy of 10s average speed measurement:
~3 cm/s, 99.7% certainty
Accuracy of specific measurement can be determined from SDOS of speed samples used to compute average speed.


Auto Speed Report
Action Speed
Top 10 AVG Speeds/Top 10 MAX Speeds
Use the cable that comes along in the package to power on GW-60 and charge